The Symposium will be held at the campus of the ‘Katholieke Universiteit Leuven’, one of the oldest still existing catholic universities in the world, founded in 1425 and one of the biggest universities in Belgium.

The city of Leuven
Leuven is situated in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, at about 20 km east of Brussels and is the capital of the province of Flemish-Brabant. The city renowned all over the world for its University is also known throughout the world for it's magnificent architecture and last but far from being least, it's world famous beer.

There’s plenty to keep a visitor busy for days in Leuven. It's architectural wonders, museums, city parks, art exhibitions, raving student parties, marketplaces, diversity of little shops, galleries, restaurants, pubs and bars bring the history of the city and her people to vibrant life. Those looking to find the most beautiful medieval buildings will not be disappointed, the magnificent 15th century town hall of the city of Leuven alone is worth the trip.

All through the year the city of Leuven presents a lively atmosphere because of the many students from all over Belgium and the world. Especially in the evening, and certainly at night, the many bars and students’ cafés, spread all over the town, guarantee that there is always something happening.

The exact address of the venue:
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Naamsestraat, 22

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