Luxembourg shaped its destiny as one of the «Capitals of Europe» not only through its central geographical location in the heart of Europe but also through its multi-lingualism. Apart from «Luxembourgish», now official language, French and German are also widely employed in the same function. Moreover, in the last 20 years, Luxembourg has developed into a powerful financial center with its 168 financial institutions. This international momentum confers the city a cosmopolitan flair that is stunning in view of its size. Despite this intense political and economic progress, the city has maintained an atmosphere of contemplative tranquillity. The vast green spaces in the Pétrusse Valley and the City Gardens as well as the historical city center listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, transformed almost completely into a pedestrian zone, provide the visitor with leisure, cultural experience and comfortable shopping




The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, a 2586 km² area country, is located in Europe, between Belgium, France and Germany. Henri de Luxembourg governs the country with help from the Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker. This little country with its own language, luxemburgish, has beautiful places to visit and a great culture to discover.

Land of Wine 

The " La Moselle" -district is situated in the south-east of Luxembourg. This sunny and hilly part of Luxembourg, give the best condition for the well-known vinyard of Luxembourg. Visit one of the winegrowers, along the Moselle-river and look at the production of the wine. By enjoying this exceptional landscape, taste one of the luxemburgish wines like: Rivaner, Auxerrois, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc or Elbling.

Land of Steel 

The "Minette" (The little mine) is situated in the south of Luxembourg. It is also called the "Terre rouge- Red Land" because of the development of the mines and steel production, in the middle of the 19th century. This great expansion gave a big value to the land and today you still find traces of this time. In Rumelange you can visit the National museum of mines (www. and take a look at the work and the history of this hard work.

Land of Nature

Do you like to go for a long walk or do you like climbing, then the "Mullerthal" is the best place for you. Situated in the east of Luxembourg, here you can enjoy an exceptionnel landscape which gives you the feeling to be alone in the world. Cimbing up the mountains with a professional guide or just walk throw this beautiful nature.

Land of Castels

Go for a visit in the north of Luxembourg, the " Gutland", and take a look at its beautiful castels. Here you step back into the old history of the country, the way of life, tousand years ago. Visit some of the most popular castels, like the castle of Larochette, Vianden or Clerveaux. At the castle of Clerveaux you can also visit the well-known photo exhibition, The Family of Man, by the popular photograher Edward Steichen.

Land of Enjoy

When you arrived with the train at the station of Luxembourg city, you are just a few steps away from the heart of the city. Full of shops and restaurants, you will find everything what your heart desires. Even at night the city wan´t sleep and many restaurants, bars and nightclubs are waiting to welcome you. But also the big casino, the theater and the cinemas wiil give you the possibilties to life a great evening.

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