BPG 2012 - Annual Meeting of the Belgian Polymer Group
Polymers for a Sustainable Society
Blankenberge, Belgium - May 10-11, 2012

The objective of the Belgian Polymer Group (BPG) is to promote contacts between key-players in the field of polymer science, both from industry and academia. Moreover, this 2012 Annual Meeting is an excellent opportunity for students to present their work in polymer science.

Topic of the 2012 edition will be "Polymers for a Sustainable Society". One of the key challenges in our modern society is the development of a sustainable economy.  In this context, polymers - preferentially based on renewable resources - will play a dominating role in bulk applications as well as in high-tech products such as for the storage and harvesting of energy.  This conference will focus on recent innovative approaches in polymer synthesis, design, characterization and processing towards sustainable polymer based products with desirable properties.

Recent events:

Houffalize, 2011, 190 participants
Blankenberge, 2010, 157 participants
Ol Fosse D'Outh, 2009, 122 participants
De Haan, 2008, 160 participants
Houffalize, 2007, 140 participants
Oostende, 2006, 180 participants
La Roche en Ardenne, 2005, 160 participants
Houffalize, 2004, 160 participants
Spa, 2003, 200 participants
Houffalize, 2002, 200 participants
Molle, 2001, 175 participants

Please visit the BPG website www.belgianpolymergroup.be for more detailed information.

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