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Tel Aviv

A youthful, modern metropolis with a diverse population, Tel Aviv dates back only to 1909. Clubs, bars, a thriving arts community, nightlife and beaches attract artists, musicians and young professionals to Tel Aviv's more secular scene. Its UNESCO-designated Bauhaus architecture has won the city the moniker "The White City." Walk, drive or catch cabs between the cultural exhibition pavilions of Haaretz Museum, historic Independence Hall Museum, bustling Carmel Market and Old Jaffa's boardwalk.

Learn more about Tel Aviv's most famous locations:

One of the oldest streets in Tel Aviv which transverses the middle of Tel Aviv. With clothing stores of all variety. Many cafes and restaurants which provide a good taste of typical Israeli street food.

An abundance of cafes and fashionable hip boutiques, this street is the epitome of young Tel Aviv.

Every Tuesday and Friday (and on holidays), vendors display their merchandise on little tables along the paved part of Nachalat Binyamin Street. You can find jewelry, painted ceramics, special toys, lampshades, judaica and many other kinds of paraphernalia.

SHUK HACARMEL (Carmel Market)
The Carmel market (shuk) is named after the Carmel street in which it is located, between Magen David Square at the intersection of King George, Sheinkin, Nahalat Binyamin and Allenby Street. Besides the busy market’s main stalls street, there are lovely picturesque alleys in the vicinity of the market through which one can walk all the way to the beach. In the kerem hateimanim (the Yemenite quarter), one of the neighborhoods adjacent to the market, there are popular and unique restaurants. Walking around on a sunny day at the Carmel market is a wonderful experience of scents and tastes.

The first Jewish neighborhood outside of Jaffo’s walls. Since the 1990’s this neighborhood has been gentrified and renewed. Explore the small narrow streets, visit the galleries, cafés and restaurants. See the unique architecture of the renovated and restored buildings.

HATAHANA – In The Neve Zedek District
In the 19th century this renovated location was the train station for the Jaffo – Jerusalem line. In 2005 the renovation and restoration of the sight began. Today there are 22 buildings renewed with stores, cafes, restaurants and outdoor entertainment.

One of the oldest streets in Tel Aviv originating back to 100 years, this boulevard is lined with beautiful trees and Bauhaus buildings. Enjoy the freshness and unique quality of this boulevard and check out the great night life in the fashionable bars, restaurants and pubs.

A wonderful place to walk along the seafront, runs from and through Jaffo all the way to Ramat Aviv, a suburb of Tel Aviv. Rent a bike and explore the coast!

Recently restored, full of cafes and restaurants, right on the waterfront, bars, trendy clothing stores and boutiques

Beautiful promenade, wonderful wanderings amidst the old buildings and renovated new structures, lots of cafes, restaurants and galleries

Like the Arabian nights with an atmosphere of old and new. Clothing, new and old, antiques, rugs, jewelry, oriental and European, furniture and designs. with the fun of bargaining with the sales people.

AZRIELI TOWERS – Menachem Begin Street 13
A complex of three skyscrapers that quickly became the icon of Tel Aviv. Besides the amazing view of the city from the top, the complex sports the largest shopping mall in the country.

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