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BOSS XV will take place at:

University of Antwerp - City Campus
Aula Rector Dhanis
Kleine Kauwenberg 14
2000 Antwerp

How To Get There

The city campus is easily accessible by public transportation.

  • By train
    The Central Station of Antwerp is on a 15 minute walk from the Campus. More information on the timetable is available on

  • By tram or bus
    Various trams and buses pass nearby. Click here to find out which service numbers cater nearby bus/tramstops. We would like to refer you to the website of De Lijn for more information and an internet tool that outlines the routes by bus, tram and/or train.

  • By plane via Brussels Airport


The airport train station is located below the terminal (basement level-1). There are two direct trains between the airport and the station Antwerp-Central each hour. The travel time is approximately 35 minutes and the average price of a one-way ticket in class 2 is about 12 Euro.

Airport express

For the bus stop in the airport follow the indication in the airport terminal. The stop in the center of Antwerp is located at Koningin Astridplein nearby the Central Station. Please note that the bus has two stops. The Crowne Plaza hotel stop is the first one and the bus will only stop there upon request by customers. 

The price of a ticket for this bus is about 10 Euro for a one-way trip. The bus driver can provide the ticket. Before departure, during standstill of the vehicle, please ask the driver. Payments can only be made in cash, in Euro or in US$ (amount dependent of the current rate).

Each hour there is one bus from the airport to Antwerp.


Taxis with a taximeter are permanently available in front of the arrivals hall. This option will be very expensive (about 100 Euro).

  • By plane via Schipol Airport
    Thalys offers a direct 57 minutes connection to the Antwerp station (Find out more). Every hour there is also a direct rail connection between Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and the Central Station of Antwerp. The ride takes about 2 hours. Click here for more information.

If you prefer coming by car, we would like to point out that the city campus of the university is located in a red parking zone. You can only park your car at the roadside with a ticket and for no longer than three hours (1st hour: € 1,60 / 2nd hour: + € 2,70 / 3rd hour: + € 3,80). These rates apply between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. from Monday until (and including) Saturday.

There are several public parkings at walking distance:

Road works in Antwerp during the Symposium

1.1.     Noorderlijn

Between the summer of 2015 and 2018 the city of Antwerp is working on the “Noorderlijn”. They will be working on five important roads: the North part of the Leien, Londen-Amsterdamstraat, Rijnkaai-South, Herdenvoortviaduct and the Noorderlaan. They will inevitably lead to traffic problems.

You can find more information on:

1.2.     Frankrijklei

You cannot reach the Frankrijklei by car via the following streets:

  • Louiza-Marialei
  • Maria-Theresialei
  • De Keyserlei

You can still use the Frankrijklei but the traffic lanes are limited to two lanes in each direction. Both lanes are also used by the public transport. So you have to expect traffic problems.

If you come by car via the Plantin Moretuslei you have to follow the detour via the Van Eycklei.

1.3.     Intersection “Schijnpoort” (Schijnpoortweg - Noordersingel - Slachthuislaan)

Cars, busses and trams cannot cross this intersection during July and August 2016.

Alternative for travelling by car

To avoid the traffic problems in the center of Antwerp we suggest using one of the eight Park and Rides (P+R). You can park your car for free on one of these parking’s out of the center of Antwerp and continue your travel by tram or bus. The only exception of the free parking is P+R Olympiade. At P+R Olympiade the first 12 hours are free but if you park longer than 12 hours, you will have to pay 1 euro/24hours.

The Park and Rides in and around Antwerp are:

  • P+R Keizershoek

Bredabaan, 2170 Merksem (gps: Fortsteenweg Merksem)

You can find this in the North of Antwerp, E19, exit 5 (Kleine Bareel)

  • P+R Metropolis

Groenendaallaan 394, 2030 Antwerpen (next to Kinepolis cinema)

Ring of Antwerp, exit 1 (Merksem)

  • P+R Melsele

Vendoorn 1, 9120 Melsele

In the west of Antwerp, near the E17, exit 16 (Kruibeke)

  • P+R Linkeroever

Blancefloerlaan, 2050 Antwerpen

In the west of Antwerp, near the junction E34 – E17, exit 6 (Linkeroever)

  • P+R Olympiade

Kruishofstraat, 2020 Antwerpen

In the south of Antwerp, A12, exit 13 (Antwerpen-Zuid)

  • P+R Schoonselhof

Krijgsbaan, 2660 Hoboken

South of Antwerp, at the junction R11 and Sint-Bernardsesteenweg

  • P+R Capenberg

At the junction Liersesteenweg and Borsbeeksesteenweg, 2530 Boechout

South-East of Antwerp, used for traffic coming out of Lier

  • P+R Wommelgem

Roundabout at exit 18 Wommelgem, 2160 Wommelgem

East of Antwerp, E34 – E313, exit 18 (Wommelgem)

On the map you can find which trams stop at each P+R. You can find all the information about the time tables, service numbers and the bus and tram stops on the website of De Lijn ( They also have an app ‘De Lijn’ for iPhone and Android.

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