NovAliX Conference 2013 <br />Biophysics in Drug Discovery

NovAliX Conference 2013
Biophysics in Drug Discovery
Developing the Synergy between Biophysics and Medicinal Chemistry to Deliver Better Drugs

BφDD 2013

Strasbourg, France - October 15-18, 2013

The use of biophysical techniques in drug discovery is rapidly increasing, and many pharmaceutical companies have set up in-house biophysical platforms to speed up the target-to-candidate process and improve the quality of small-molecule therapeutics through a better understanding of their interactions with their targets.

In pharmaceutical companies, the close communication between biophysicists and medicinal chemists is key to increase the efficiency of the drug discovery process and thus deliver higher-quality lead molecules.

However, biophysics for drug discovery has not yet been the subject of a dedicated conference : most of the time, it is the topic of a specialised session within drug discovery conferences, and on the other hand biophysical meetings are often very academy-oriented and rarely extend their scope to drug discovery aspects. The NovAliX Conference 2013 'Biophysics in Drug Discovery' aims at filling this gap by gathering scientists from both the biophysics and the medicinal chemistry communities.

The Topics covered will include :

  • Biophysical Characterisation of Targets
  • Biophysical Methods for Identifying Hits and Optimising Hits into Leads
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Mechanistic Analysis

The Programme of the first NovAliX Conference will stretch over 3½ days and will include :

  • 3 Keynote Lectures
  • 12 Invited Lectures
  • 10 Oral Communications selected among the submitted poster abstracts

The Scientific Programme will be completed by a large Poster Session, a Commercial Exhibition as well as an interesting Social Programme around Strasbourg, a city of culture, home of the European Parliament and a UNESCO landmark.

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