A series of selected sessions has been recorded by Thomson Reuters. Please check the PROGRAMME for more details and access the presentations via WEBCASTS.

The list of conferences available on the Webcasts:

Sunday - August 31


AWARD CEREMONYRoberto Pellicciari

The Nauta Award for Pharmacochemistry Lecture
Changing Paradigms in Drug Discovery, Hugo Kubinyi

Opening Lecture
Life on the Edge: The Nature and Origins of Protein Misfolding Diseases, Chris Dobson

Monday - September 01

Plenary lecture

Chemical Tools for the Study of Complex Biological Systems, Barbara Imperiali

Session 2. Chemistry Strategies to Reduce Attrition in Drug Discovery

From Fragment to Clinic David Rees Chemical Strategies for Successful Clinical Development, Christopher N. Johnson

Recent Strategies Around Predicting Oral Absorption, David Millan

Session 5. Predictive ADME/Tox Methods: What to Apply When?

Predictive ADME: Examples from the Real World, Andrew Mark Davis

Virtual Methods for Predicting Off-Target Pharmacology, Jordi Mestres

Session 8. Imaging Ligands and Biomarkers (EUFEPS)

Fluorometry and FRET in Measuring Biomarkers and Monitoring Cell Signaling Cascade, Ilkka Hemmila

Mass Sensitive Ligands Useful for Biomarker Discovery and Validation, Rainer Voegeli

Tuesday - September 02

The UCB-Ehrlich Award for Excellence in Medicinal Chemistry
Automated Oligosaccharide Synthesis as Platform for Vaccine Development, Peter Seeberger

GlaxoSmithKline Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Chemical Biology
Exploring Chemical Space with Aptamers, Michael Famulok

Session 14. Oncology

The Discovery of MK-0731: The Role of Flourine in Optimization of KSP Inhibitors for the Treatment of Cancer, Paul Coleman

Allosteric Inhibitors of Akt Kinase: The First Generation, George Hartmann

Wednesday - September 03

Session 19. Exploring the Chemical Space

The Quest for Bioisosterism in the “Other Side” of Chemical Space, Antonio Macchiarulo

Exploration of Chemical Space for Drug Discovery by Database Generation, Jean-Louis Reymond

Thursday - September 04

Session 24. Systems Biology and Medicinal Chemistry

Integrated Approach for the Multireceptorial Design of Antipsychotic Agents, Jana Selent

Session 25. Structure Based Drug Design (AFMC)

Inhibiting ROS Toxicity in Alzheimer's Disease: Structural Studies ofAmyloid-Beta and Metal Ion Complexes, Jose Varghese

Access and Binding of Local Anesthetics in the Closed Sodium Channel, Iva Bruhova