• Careers in Medicinal Chemistry
  • Chemical Approaches to Stem Cell Biology
  • Chemical Strategies for Functional Proteomics - Activity-based Protein Profiling
  • Covalent Inhibitors in Drug Discovery
  • Emerging Drugs - Case Studies of Recently Disclosed New Medicines
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Finding the Right Binding Pockets: Allosteric Modulators of G-Protein Coupled Receptors for Non-CNS Diseases (ACS Session II)
  • First Time Disclosures
  • G-Protein Coupled 7TM Receptors - New Insights into their Structure and Ligand Recognition
  • Hot Topics in Anti-infectives
  • Hot Topics in Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Hot Topics in CNS Diseases
  • Imaging Biomarkers
  • Innovative Drug Delivery Systems and Nanotechnologies (EUFEPS Session)
  • Knowledge Enabled Drug Design
  • Late Breaking News
  • Molecular Therapies for Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases: Ongoing Clinical Trials and future prospects
  • Natural Products in Drug Discovery - Beyond Cytotoxics and Antiinfectives
  • New Medicines Beyond Small Molecules
  • Novel Treatments for Obesity and Metabolic Disorders
  • Oncology Case Studies
  • Process R&D and Scale-up: Chemistry, Crystals & More - Challenges and Success Stories
  • Successful Strategies in Lead Discovery
  • Targeting Pathways
  • Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions (AFMC Session)
  • Teaching Medicinal Chemistry
  • The Challenges in Designing Multiple Ligands Drugs - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (ACS Session I)
  • Toxicity Challenges in Drug Design and Structure-Toxicity Relationships
  • Virtual Screening and Profiling - Success Stories and Challenges
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