ASMC'13 Moscow

Social Program

The Social Program of ASMC'13, accessible to all registered participants, will include:

• The Welcome Reception on Sunday May 5 evening (free of charge for registered participants but subject to prior booking)

• A Moscow by Night Tour on Monday May 6 evening (free of charge for registered participants but subject to prior booking) 

• The Symposium Banquet on Wednesday May 8. The Symposium Banquet will take place at YAR Restaurant, a milestone of Moscow since 1826. The restaurant has been completely renovated, but preserving the atmosphere of the early 20th Century. Participation in the Banquet is optional and subject to prior booking (70€ for registered participants). Please book your ticket for the Banquet during your online registration.

• Optional pre- and post-symposium excursions on Sunday May 5 and Thursday May 9. Please book your preferred excursions (1 per day) during your online registration. 

Accompanying Persons Program

Accompanying persons are encouraged to register in order to have access to all social events and services provided by the organization.

The accompanying persons program includes the same events as the social program for symposium participants (Welcome Reception and Moscow by Night Tour) and it allows to register for the optional pre- and post-symposium excursions and to the Banquet at the same rates as the scientific participants.

Some additional activities will be organized in parallel of the scientific program, including a Boat Cruise on Moskva River, cultural sightseeing and shopping around the city center of Moscow. Complete information and schedule of the accompanying persons program will be available on-site at the Registration Desk.

Please note that accompanying persons do not have access to the Scientific Program of the symposium.

Accompanying persons should make a separate registration, and indicate the name of the person they accompany in the appropriate field of the registration form.

Pre-Symposium Excursions
Sunday May 5

All tours will take place from approx. 2pm - 6pm. Please book only 1 excursion per day!

Excursion 1: Pushkin Museum & Cathedral of Christ the Savior
Pushkin Museum
The Museum was opened on May 31, 1912 and in 1932 was named The State Museum of Fine Arts, in 1937 was named in honor of Alexander Pushkin the great Russian poet. The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts has one of the most representative collections in Russia of foreign art dated from ancient times to modern days.
Cathedral of Christ the Savior
The enormous gleaming golden dome and gigantic structure of the newly built Cathedral of Christ the
Savior is visible from all over central Moscow and is the largest church in Russia. The original cathedral was built by the architect Konstantin Ton between 1839 and 1881, to commemorate Russia's victory over Napoleon in the Napoleonic Wars. The church was later demolished in 1933 on Stalin's orders, but was built anew in the 1990s.
This tour also includes a visit of the Red Square.

Tour price: 50,00€ - approx. 4 hours tour

Excursion 3: Monasteries
Novodevichy Convent
Monastery or convent, this place occupies a very specific place in Russian history. On the grounds surrounded by the Kremlinesque walls, which were built to act as a fortress, are four cathedrals including the majestic four-onion globes of Smolensky Cathedral which dates back to 1524. It was at Novodevichy that Peter the Great imprisoned his sister Sophia and executed her supporters from the Streltsy rebellion. Today it is a magnificent and peaceful cloister with an impressive icon collection.
Spaso-Andronikov Monastery
Originally founded in 1320, this monastery is famous for its icon painting monk, Andrei Rublyev who lived and died here in the early 14th century. Rublyev is the poster boy of Russian icon painting having worked on the icons of the Kremlin's Cathedral of Annunciation and other churches. Today there is the Cathedral of the Saviour, and the museum named after Rublyev is housed in the adjacent Chapel of St. Michael Archangel. The monastery is about half the size of Novodevichy Convent.
Danilov Monastery
This classical monastery, named after its founder, Alexander Nevsky's son, Danil, has been in the news of late with the return of their original 18 church bells from the US. This Monastery was the last monastery to be closed under the Soviets and the first to be reopened under Gorbachev in 1983.
This tour also includes a visit of the Red Square.

Tour price: 50,00€ - approx. 4 hours tour

Post-Symposium Excursions
Thursday May 9

Please book only 1 excursion per day!

Excursion 4: Sergiev Posad (approx. 9am – 6pm)

TOUR OUTSIDE MOSCOW: 75km (47 miles) NE of Moscow
This town's magnificent 14th-century monastery and its history as the holiest of Russia's Orthodox shrines draws pilgrims from around the country and the world. The trip serves as a course in Russian architecture and sociology, as well as an immersion into Orthodox traditions. Music enthusiasts can delight in informal choral concerts. The town also claims to be the birthplace of the matryoshka, the ubiquitous nesting doll. Visiting the monastery, matryoshka shopping, and wandering the run-down but charming streets are enough to make this Moscow's most satisfying out-of-town day trip. It's also the only city on the historic Golden Ring that's a comfortable 1-day trip from the capital.

Tour price: 80,00€ - 1-day trip, lunch not included

Excursion 5: Tretyakov Gallery (approx. 10am-1.30pm)
The National Museum of Russian Fine Art The State Tretyakov Gallery is the national treasury of Russian fine art and one of the greatest museums in the world. It is located in one of the oldest directs of Moscow - Zamoskvorechye, not far from the Kremlin. The Gallery's collection consists entirely of Russian art and artists who have made a contribution to the history of Russian art or been closely connected with it.

Tour price: 40,00€ - approx. 3,5 hours tour

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