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abcr GmbH

abcr supplies specialty chemicals to renowned pharmaceutical and chemical companies worldwide. Through our logistics center in Karlsruhe, we organize and manage the distribution of products to more than 10,000 laboratories. The expertise and technical support provided by our chemists and engineers, together with short delivery times, have made us a "preferred supplier" for many customers.

ChemBridge Corporation

ChemBridge Corporation is celebrating 20 years as a global provider of enabling chemistry products and contract research services for small molecule drug discovery. Our extensive portfolio includes over 900,000 diverse and target-focused screening compounds, 14,000 chemical building blocks, our on-line chemical store, and high-end, research-intensive custom library and synthetic/medicinal chemistry services. Privately held, ChemBridge has headquarters in San Diego, CA, a sales office in the United Kingdom, marketing agencies in Japan, China and South Korea, and operates a large, state-of-the-art offshore chemistry research site in Moscow, Russia.

ChemDiv, Inc.

ChemDiv is an established global target-to-clinic contract research organization. In helping you with your drug discovery efforts we are sensitive to your custom needs and remain consistently innovative in our research, development and clinical services. Our satisfied customers include pharma, biotech, academia, foundations and screening centers. For additional information, please visit

CJSC 'ChemBioMack'

The equipment supplier for the organic and peptide synthesis (microwave reactors, peptide synthesizers, fast evaporators, flash-chromatographic systems), HPLC and UHPLC systems, amino acid analyzers, SPE systems, osmometers, ultra pure water systems. The manufacturer of the semi-industrial chromatographic systems and columns.


Enamine has developed the world’s largest reputable collection of chemical compounds, carefully designed and produced for Life Science industries: currently 2 million screening compounds with 27,000 fragments and over 70,000 building blocks. Comprehensive services in lead discovery and optimization are available including integrated biomolecular and ADME/TOX screening, all on-site.


Optibrium’s StarDrop™ software guides the design and selection of high-quality compounds.  It evaluates complex data, bringing confidence and intuitive simplicity to identifying chemistry with an optimal balance of properties, using unique approaches including the Glowing Molecule™ and Probabilistic Scoring.  Plug-in modules add predictive modeling, idea generation and 3D SAR analysis.

RSC - MedChemComm

MedChemComm is the official journal of the EFMC. Led by Dr Anthony Wood, Pfizer and Professor Greg Verdine, Harvard University, the journal's mission is to broaden the field of opportunity for medicinal chemists, bringing new thinking to the subject and challenging perceptions of what is possible in drug discovery.

SpiroChem AG

SpiroChem AG is a Swiss fine chemicals company providing high-value-added building blocks for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. SpiroChem designs and commercializes a large range of small-rings- (oxetane, azetidine, cyclobutane, thietane) and spirocycle-containing molecules for use in drug discovery. We also have an expanding range of SF5- and CF3- containing building blocks. SpiroChem also offers custom synthesis services to help you accelerate your R&D programs and develop the drugs of tomorrow.

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