SPICA 2014

Vendor Seminars

Monday, October 6 | 12:20 - 13:20

Kromasil EternityXT – A Chemically Stable Merged Organic/Inorganic Silica Material for Reversed Phase Preparative Chromatography

Presented by: Fredrik Limé

This seminar will present Kromasil EternityXT, a product with high chemical and mechanical stability available in bulk and as pre-packed columns. The materials resistance to high alkaline concentrations for regeneration in-column will be presented and compared with traditional silica-based material. Some examples will be shown of increased flexibility that allows the user to work with a pH window from 1 to 12.

LEWA GmbH Seminar:

LEWA - Your Single Source in Preparative/Process Chromatography
Presented by: Kathleen Mihlbachler and Michael Strauss

Our portfolio includes low to high-pressure skids for batch and continuous multi-column mode. Implementing IntelliDrivePumps into our EcoPrimeLPLC offers large dynamic ranges with unmatched reproducibility. The EcoPrimeSMB is based on the unique open-loop BTS design.  Our optimized skid designs reduce pressure-drops, volumes, pulsation and degassing. Your separations become robust processes.


Advanced SFC-MS Purification Platform in Support of Drug Discovery
Presented by: Gerard Rosse and Ronan Cleary

Industrial productivity requires robust purification instruments and workflows that can process a large number of crude samples within a meaningful timeframe. The presentation will focus on modern techniques, processes, logistics and infrastructure to support a mass-triggered SFC purification platform in a medicinal chemistry environment.

Tuesday, October 7 | 12:30 - 13:30

NOVASEP Seminar:
Continuous Chromatography with SMCC:  A Multi-Angle Solution

Presented by: Fabien Rousset

Continuous chromatography is well established in small therapeutic molecule industries where processes have been running for decades at commercial-scale. Sequential Multi-Column Chromatography (SMCC) is now gaining interest for the purification of large molecules. SMCC principles will be presented along with several case studies to illustrate the implementation of SMCC.

Purification of Pharmaceutical Peptides and Proteins from Biological Feedstreams Using Ion-Exchange in Combination with Reversed-Phase Chromatography

Presented by: Achim Schwämmle

The development and production of peptides and proteins is increasingly gaining importance in the pharmaceutical industry. To efficiently purify these biopharmaceuticals, an elaborate  sequence of different chromatographical steps is usually required. As a renowned producer of silica based reversed-phase materials on the one hand, and polymer-based ion exchange, affinity, and HIC resins on the other, Merck Millipore is able to provide solutions for efficient and cost-effective downstream-processing from one source. This presentation will discuss the use of Eshmuno® ion-exchange resins in combination with PharmPrep® P reversed-phase media, exemplarily highlighting the purification of recombinant insulin as a most prominent representative of biopharmaceutical peptides produced in large scale.

A Key Choice: Selecting the Suitable Chiral Stationary Phase

Presented by: Pilar Franco

A successful preparative method for the separation of enantiomers is based on a solid combination of a chiral stationary phase and properly identified operating conditions. This seminar will review the currently available tools applied at Chiral Technologies to screen and separate chiral molecules at preparative scale using Daicel chiral phases.

European Lead Factory: Fully Automated Purification of Compound Libraries for High-Throughput Screening and Drug Discovery
Presented by: Jorge Sanchez

Effective, high throughput purification of compound samples is of utmost importance in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery, where arrays of compounds are routinely synthesised for biological screening. As a critical support to its medicinal and combinatorial chemistry platform, Taros has developed in collaboration with Agilent a dedicated LCMS purification set-up built on the Infinity series which enables straightforward and seamless analytical-preparative purification cycles. Production results and case studies from such implementation within the European Lead Factory project will be discussed.

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Vendor Seminars

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