Excursion 1

The first excursion will take you into the countryside of Namur to guided tour of both natural caves and a centuries old castle.
The excursion will leave Namur at 2.00 pm for the caves which will be follow by the castle visit.
The visitors will be back in Namur at 6.30 pm.

Caves of Han

These caves thoroughly deserve their 3-star rating in the Michelin guide.

A century-old tramway crosses the countryside, taking you some 4 km from the village centre. There you are welcomed by guides who will lead you from end to end through the hill so that you can discover ever larger natural halls with more and more concretions.

In some galleries, discovered in 1962, the concretions have retained their natural colours. They have not been soiled by the smoke of the torches used in the old days to light the way.

The Arms Chamber: Here, we are 110 meters underground, practically under the summit of the hill. This immense area is highlighted by a "son et lumière" show that makes it possible to appreciate the exceptional acoustics of great underground spaces.

The exit: Visitors exit on big walkways directly above the river. After a trip of 250 metres, the visit reaches its climax with the gradual arrival of the daylight.
Tips: The temperature inside the caves is cool all year round (13°c) and the level of humidity is high: so make sure you have a jacket or coat. There are 400 steps that take you up and down through the caves, but the trip is not tiring.

Castle of Lavaux-Ste-Anne

This fortified castle dates back to the 15th century. It is made up of three corner towers and a cavernous keep; it represents the only example of an Ardenne Castle in an open countryside.

Lavaux-Sainte-Anne was erected around 1450 with all the defensive features of the time: moat, massive round tower, drawbridge, loopholes and curved dike forcing to lay oneself open.

In 1630, the castle had become obsolete; Baron Jacques Reynard de Rouveroy adapted it to the tastes of his time by adding a gorgeous roof on the top of each tower and remodeling completely the interior and the inner courtyard.

The rooms of the castle are simple and graceful, with parquet and wooden furniture befitting perfectly the medieval style

Excursion 2

The second excursion will take you in the surroundings of Liege to guided tour of one of the Walloon domains of expertise: the crystal manufacture of Val-St-Lambert.
The excursion will leave Namur at 2.00 pm for Val-St-Lambert.
The visitors will be back in Namur at 6.40 pm.


The Factory: Come and see our workshops and our show-room, discover the work of our glass craftsmen and our production.
Discover the realisation of a unique masterpiece, starting from its picking up out of the crystal furnace to its beautiful handcraft and finish.

The Show trail: A journey in time and space by means of little scenes reminding us of the communion between man and glass from the ancient time to nowadays. The movie “Mémoires de Verriers” plunge you into the heart of the craftsmen’s work and explains the story of the site.

The Art Gallery and the Museum area: From Contemporary to traditional, from exceptional to monumental, come and see the richness of this prestigious collection.