Confirmed Exhibitors

Nearly 30 Exhibitors have confirmed their participation in SPICA 2012 - don't miss the opportunity to meet them !

Agilent Technologies - Booth n.3
Purely Better Solutions for Compound Purification, Agilent Technologies offers high performance solutions that ensure maximum sample recovery and purity for any scale of purification. Visit our booth and find out more about our unique DAC columns and purification software.

Biosolve - Booth n.9
For over three decades, Bio-Lab and more recently Biosolve Chimie, produce and distribute selected high purity solvents, reagents and formulations for the research, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. We meet the latest quality and environmental ISO standards, serving you with the highest quality products on the market.

Biotage AB - Booth n.21
Biotage develops speciality resins and Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) for customers requiring extraordinary separations at industrial scale.

Chiral Technologies - Booth n.11
Chiral Technologies Europe will be attending SPICA 2012 and looks forward to helping you with any chiral separation request. Our technical experts will be present to assist you with any chiral separation from analytical to production scale.

Daiso Co. Ltd - Booth n.22
DAISO CO., LTD is a world leading manufacturer of bare and modified silica gel for the Organic Synthesis, Purification & Isolation of compounds and of API & Intermediates. Contact us at

Dynamic Extractions - Booth n.4
Maximising both purity and recovery in preparative liquid chromatography – Visit our booth to find out more about our unique liquid-liquid chromatography instruments and contract service offerings that provide solutions from milligrams to kilograms.

Fuji-Silicia - Booth n.6
Fuji Silysia is one of the world largest bulk manufacturers of spherical Silica Gel, offering more than 6000 different products out of running production. This high flexibility enables us to provide very large amounts of bare as well as modified silica to provide separation material of best selectivity.

Gilson - Booth n.19
Gilson provides high quality solutions for today’s demanding liquid chromatography, solid phase extraction, liquid handling and gel permeation chromatography clean-up requirements. We focus on early drug discovery and development with our preparative HPLC systems and would like to discuss your needs in more detail.

Jiangsu Hanbon Science & Technology Co. Ltd - Booth n. 28

Kiralya & Axyntis
- Booth n.8

Based in France, AXYNTIS Group and KIRALYA are offering respectively custom manufacturing and preparative chromatography. With their development, pilote, industrial facilities and their purification know-how, AXYNTIS and KIRALYA can answer to a broad variety of customer needs. Thanks to their 390m3 reactor capacity and their columns up to 450mm of internal diameter in GMP environment, they are a privileged partner for pharmaceutical and specialty markets. For more information contact

Knauer, ChromaCon & Sercolab - Booth n.12
KNAUER and its partners ChromaCon and Sercolab show SMB, Contichrom Lab-Scale All-in-one LC equipment and the new AZURA Preparative HPLC system at Booth n.12.

Kromasil - Booth n.1
Akzo Nobel welcomes you to discuss all grades of Kromasil and how they should best be used for chromatographic separations with our experts present at SPICA from both our R&D and our application development groups.

Kromaton & Interchim - Booth n.26
KROMATON, a member of ROUSSELT-ROBATEL Group, has been leader in Centrifugal Partition Chromatography for the last 12 years. INTERCHIM has developed a complete and integrated set of tools to meet customers’ needs in purification by preparative liquid chromatography.

Labomatic Instruments AG - Booth n.16
LABOMATIC Instruments AG is active in the field of preparative medium and high pressure liquid chromatography and liquid handling systems. We are able to tailor these to the requirements of our customers.

LEWA GmbH - Booth n.2
LEWA GmbH will give a valuable introduction of the LEWA systems used in purification steps i.e. Process Chromatographic Systems for LPLC, HPLC and SMB applications. Please visit our booth (n.2), discuss with us your needs, and experience the virtual 3D reality show of LEWA chromatography systems.

Merck Millipore - Booth n.17
Visit Merck Millipore at booth n.17 and learn more about our proven capabilities in reversed phase chromatography.

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation - Booth n.7
Mistsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) has various types of separation media. For bio separation, MCC has MabSpeed series; high throughput media for affinity sorption, and ChromSpeed series; high throughput ion-exchangers.

Novasep - Booth n.24-25
Novasep proposes cost-effective and sustainable solutions to produce active molecules at the required purity, from lab to industrial scale. Our offering includes process development services; preparative chromatography units; as well as cGMP custom synthesis and purification services.

Peak Biotech A/S - Booth n.14
Peak Biotech supplies customised chromatography equipment form pilot to production scale.

Phenomenex - Booth n.13

PIC Solution - Booth n.23
PIC Solution’s range of supercritical fluid chromatographs comprises state of the art analytical, preparative, pilot and hybrid systems. Built-in CO2 recycle gives economic operation. We also produce the innovative FlexPacker DAC system to meet your preparative column needs.

Proxcys - Booth n.27
Now is your chance! Test the benefits of Radial Flow Chromatography for FREE. Obtain your Prepacked Column with the resin of your choice at: - Collect your Free Column at Proxcys booth n.27 at SPICA 2012.

Regis Technologies - Booth n.5
Regis Technologies is a manufacturer of chiral columns and media for HPLC and SFC. Regis performs free chiral screening and offers preparative SFC Separations mg to multi-kg.

Sepiatec - Booth n. 20
Sepiatec GmbH offers 8x parallel HPLC and - SFC systems for rapid screening applications such as chiral column screening. For the automated isolation of compounds from natural sources different models of two-dimensional preparative HPLC systems are available. Please visit our booth (n. 20) to learn more.

Waters - Booth n.15

YMC Europe - Booth n.18
YMC Europe offers a wide range of HPLC columns, bulk silica media for preparative chromatography and lab- and pilot-scale glass columns for customer packing. Our extensive distribution network guarantees availability of all YMC products in countries all over the world.

Zeochem - Booth n.10
Zeochem AG is the oldest chemical company in Switzerland and one of the few worldwide fully back-integrated silica producers, controlling the quality of your product right from the high purity water glass up to the fully end-capped bonded high performance gel, available in both normal and reverse phase. We look forward to meeting you at the SPICA 2012, booth n.10.

Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

The congress expects to attract approximately 400 delegates from around the world. Our delegates will include leading thinkers, decision makers, and those outstanding individuals who are expected to shape the development of the discipline in coming years.

Companies are invited to present their products and processes in the field of laboratory, preparative and industrial scale chromatography.

The exhibition will form an integral part of the symposium and will be located close to the conference room.

For more information on the sponsorship and exhibition possibilities, please click on the link here below to see the opportunities we offer for SPICA 2012 or contact the symposium secretariat at


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